Next features in OctoSkills

As of Spring 2017, it will be possible to see the individual students’ results in the app. The result will also show the individual student’s placing in relation to the other students in the class. In time, it will also be possible to see his or her placing in relation to a national average.

Feature 1: Top & bottom with match-up

Top & bottom is a completely new display showing all students’ placement in relation to one another per competence. This feature provides an overview of the individual strengths and weaknesses of each student as well as their individual development. For instance, a student may have a high level in “creativity” and a low level in “finance”.


This display can also indicate which students complement each other’s competences and in this way it can be used to provide suggestions as to how students can be matched up in groups for teamwork.


Feature 2: Diagnosis

Diagnosis is a function that indicates where the class has a low score, that is, on which entrepreneurial dimensions does the class need to improve and where can the teacher make a difference in his or her teaching. Diagnosis is based on a picture of the present situation.


The diagnosis function can also provide the teacher with suggestions about which teaching material to use in order to strengthen exactly those dimensions in which the class scores low.



The two new features are ready with

OctoSkills version 3.1.0 from Spring 2017.