FAQ for OctoSkills


Can I as a teacher have more classes on my OctoSkills profile?

Yes, you can create as many classes as you like.


How do I differentiate between my classes?

Each class is created with a unique name and each class automatically receives a unique class code called ”Class id”.


Can I compare the results of my classes?

Yes, you can compare your classes’ results, if your educational institutions uses OctoDash (read more about OctoDash here).


Which kind of test can I send to my classes?

From the start, and free of charge, you can send a basic test, but if the school/institution uses dashboard, you can choose how you want to construct the test (read more here).


Can I see the results of my class?

Yes, as soon as the first test has been completed by at least one student, you will be able to see the result as an aggregated class result in your profile in the app.


Can I see results of the individual student? 

From Spring 2017, it will be possible to see the results of each individual student in the app as well as the placing of each student in relation to other students in his or her class. In time, it will even be possible to compare individual results against a national average (read more about coming news here).