OctoDash provides new possibilities for OctoSkills

OctoDash is the new dashboard for iPad. OctoDash is a user-friendly tool which, in combination with OctoSkills, provides schools and educational institutions with an easy and safe way in which to organise and overview data directly from OctoSkills.

What can OctoDash do?

With the OctoSkills dashboard you can set up departments and divide up into educational levels or fields. 

It allows to use customised tests to the educational levels/fields of the individual departments, so tests are targeted the kind of teaching which students receive through their entrepreneurial education programmes.


OctoDash makes it easier to use OctoSkills in larger educational institutions, because the dashboard allows to manage data from different departments as well as to compare data across departments.


User guide to OctoDash


Planned release of OctoDash is Spring 2017.